Lyme Disease: Know Everything About the Illness Affecting Justin Bieber

On Wednesday, popular American singer Justin Bieber reveal that he is suffering from Lyme Disease. Taking to the social media platform, Bieber wrote, “While a lot of people kept saying Justin Bieber looks like shit, on meth etc. they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.”

A lot of people belittled the disease, while a lot others shown their concern to the singer. Therefore, it is important to know what Lyme disease is and what are the symptoms, causes and treatment.


Lyme Disease is a tick-borne illness, caused by ticks in the United States. Some of the common symptoms of the disease are fever, chills, body aches, headache and fatigue. One can also suffer from swollen lymph nodes, neck stiffness, shortness of breath, and rashes on body.

It typically starts with a small red bump. However, it may expand within three to 30 days, making the rash area look like a bull’s-eye. While these rashes are not itchy or painful, the area might feel a little warm. The infection can also spread to the joints, heart and nervous system, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Lyme disease is usually caused by four main species of bacteria. In the US, the main causes are Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii. An infected tick bites a person and transfers the bacteria into the human body.

The most common period to get Lyme disease is the spring and summer months, as nymphs most actively feed during these times.


If you get bitten by a tick, get it removed within 24 hours to cut your risk of developing Lyme disease. Use tweezers to pull the tick off, grasping near its mouth or neck. Disinfect the affected area by putting antiseptic.

If the tick has been attached to your body for more than 24 hours, call the doctor immediately.


In early stages, oral antibiotics are suggested to cure Lyme disease. If the bacteria have spread to other body parts, like central nervous system, the patient is treated with intravenous antibiotics.


Alike other parasite-borne disease, Lyme Disease can be prevented by applying insect repellent with at least a 20% DEET concentration. Avoid wooded areas with high grass, where ticks are most often found.

Additionally, check for ticks daily if you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. Take frequent showers and wash clothes regularly.

If you have pets, make sure that they stay away from ticks.